Toyota Camry Reviews 2020 Fresh Model

            Toyota Camry Reviews 2020
           Fresh Model

Toyota Camry 2020

•Toyota Camry Exterior 
 Now, this is the XL version, so it comes on 18-inch alloy wheels the entry-level design comes on 17,. Still, they don't look that bad either. In fact, here's a quick clip of that car there now at the front. It's very distinctive, very territorial. It works really well this excel also gets some LED upgrades in terms of LED fog lights and indicators which I'll just show you now look there they are snazzy eh not really worth upgrading for though I wouldn't say do you know what I quite like the interior design of this car it's definitely unique,. There's quite a lot going on in terms of swooshes and shapes, and stuff like that quality's a bit mix though, so it's like different parts the interior were built by different people, and they never talk to each other, and they clearly had different standards.

 So the guy responsible for the materials on the dash and the doors and stuff obviously has very high standards however the guy accountable for these bits down here I mean look at that and this look they sent to console clearly had low standards I mean look that's terrible isn't it I say and then Toyota's will not break but perceived quality just makes you feel good about yourself and that's why the Germans do so well still the dumpy of the controls are quite lovely and there's some touches that I do enjoy about this effect here and up here as well I like it though the patent does sort of remind me of the eyes of a horse flies it's freaking me out a bit what's also freaking me out a bit of the holes here on the speakers it's really triggering my trip of phobia we don't know what that is do you look it up then someone be kind enough to post it in the comments over this can see now I one thing that does do my head in though is this area here so there's a lot of black plastic and entirely a small screen and that brings me on to this car specs the camry range keeps off with the design and that includes an infotainment system with inbuilt satellite navigation another filter between the two analogue stars and dual zone climate control,

•Toyota Camry interior 
 It also has heated seats keyless entry, and fully automated cruise control, which when uses radar to hila safe distance from the car in front and steer to prevent you weaving out of your lane, the only other trim level is this range-topping XL. It includes an auto-dimming rearview mirror blind spot monitoring the rear cross-traffic alert and some shiny bits of slim right, and let's talk about that infotainment system. It's not only is this screen quite small, but the resolution is low well. This is colorful. However, he also, the menus are quite well laid out. There are substantial physical shortcut buttons that dead easy to hit while driving. You do have some voice commands as well. Still, they're really quite limited also the sat-nav is only ok and inputting your destination is quite fiddly the screen is quite laggy on the map as well which is annoying what's also annoying is that that digital drives display is pretty useless it doesn't really show that much information just a bit of trip stuff and general power flow yeah.

Toyota Camry Reviews 
I think overall, the infotainment system you get on a Vauxhall Insignia is superior. If you click up there on the proper banner, you can watch my full in-depth video review of that car, so let's carry on with the interior of this. The ergonomics, so I like the fact you have an electric operation for the steering wheel. There's plenty of adjustment in the driver seat as well it's mighty big or small you don't forget comfy. These seats are super comfy actually love Toyota seats very very lovely also sometimes Toyota's kind of a weird layout of button so they just didn't random places this is better things are in a sensible position so Diddy's to figure out where they are and because you've got physical buttons it may make it look a little bit like it's from the 90s but steadies.

 It just operates stuff while you're driving rather than having to do everything through a touchscreen like you do in an Audi now in terms of practicality it's actually pretty good so look at there are door bins they don't know that big but that's a liter bottle, and you can fit that in there no problem at all you've got some cup holders here which can cope with various sizes of coffee cup slot so you won't end up knocking the lid off smaller ones love this feature you have a wireless charging pad there, and you can slide it back out the way, so your phone doesn't distract you, and you get an extra bit of storage down there as well that's a brilliant idea, and then there's some charging points there as well as a 12 volt and here you've got some more room and the glove box that's a decent size as well the camera is convenient here in the backseat as you can see I've got plenty of room this rear seat is super comfy it's nicely reclined, or they can actually recline it further, but you don't need to the seat base is long, so you get lots of under thigh support loads of knee room,

 I mean look at that there's tons of it wish I could just slide my feet a little bit further under the seat in front but it's not too lousy Headroom is a little bit on the tight side though that's probably the only minor issue want to check someone else out as well ok let's go go go go yes they go all the way down so you can lean out and I'll just wait on their highlights it's another problem let's say you've got three people in the backup once this middle seat is actually alright and Headroom is just about okay here but people in the out seats get pushed outward slightly because the body is bit narrow and then they end up hitting their head on there just like I did a moment ago while trying to do a demonstration to you guys another thing I'm not so keen about is this the hump in the floor but it's not that big a deal because the foot wells are big so three people can easily have enough space for their feet rest of the practicalities okay so look at that that just flops down classic toe to random build quality again and this is why I such a cheap flat but that's handy look there get you your drinks in there there's also enough space in the door bins for two bottles check this out as well you get marsupial style pouches in the seatbacks yeah and there's some charging points there via mobile devices as for fitting a baby see well the cameras ID suffix covers are removable but that does mean that easy to lose however the anchor points are dead simple to get to it's also easy to get the seat inside because the doors open wide enough but you will have to move the front seat slightly forward if you want to lock it in a rear-facing place or a more prominent position and that could annoy toilet drivers in the front if you have two child seats in the back of the Camry that is just about in a space to squeeze an adult between them there wouldn't be that comfy which make it ideal for the mother-in-law yes mother-in-law jokes just like the early 1990s

Which is when the Camry was last on sale right guys let's talk about the Camrys boot so being a saloon it's not as practical as a hatchback but you do have quite a wide opening for this kind of car there isn't too much of a low lip either so you can get suitcases in there quite easily the planner absolute nakid suitcases it's probably something to do with the way I treat them so it's a bit of a hit-and-miss affair this boot the actual size is reasonable you can fit quite a lot of stuff in it and there's some features I like as well not the fact that you've got underfloor storage because really there's not much at all seems like it's look you can just hook that up on there lad and there's some other things that are less called see that look at this they suppose we've gots to hang things off but they're a little bit flimsy and then the tie-down hooks is just things here which once again a weak then what it is with Toyota's some things are right some things are really not so good like this fall down the rear seats pull that like that and looking happen surfing around below them and it's easy enough to do I guess but the opening isn't all that huge and you're probably wondering just how much stuff can you fit in this cars boot with those seats folded down you can carry a bike in the car but you will have to remove the front wheel and it's quite tough to squeeze it with that narrow opening to get into the back seat area with the seats back in place you can carry two large suitcases and two small suitcases inside the boot then there's just enough space left to take a set of golf clubs and a soft bag if it's boxes you want to make there's room for eight small boxes
But unfortunately larger boxes will not go through that opening really if you're going to take lots of stuff if that's a priority for you then you probably want a Skoda Superb, and if you click up there on the pop-out banner you can see my full in-depth video review of that car, and that brings you on to five annoying things about the Toyota Camry in the UK the Camry is not available with Android auto nor apple car play until sometime in 2020 thanks for that Toyota
 Whenever you fold the seat backs down then put them back up its central armrest just flops after the auto door locks are super annoying and you can't just get eyes if you the passenger by double tugging sounds it you have to click this and then you can get out just my extra step Toyota the seat belt for the central passenger doesn't really attract the full way so it just kind of dangles there like annoying rupee thing the car has is weird aftermarket tuning morons wider exhausts around which and knowingly passes the car while sticker truth but it won't file the bottle of fact or no rub on your game Toyota it's not all negative though here's five good things about this car the Camry has a really smart air-conditioning system so as well as like blowing out air it also releases ions which is surrounded by tiny water molecules and they effectively moisturize your skin to help keep you looking younger maybe I should buy myself a Camry this car comes with the two million six hundred and twenty eight thousand minute warranty also known as five years the cars hybrid system uses individual compact batteries which are small enough to fit into the seat so they don't eat into boot space this engine has a thermal efficiency of forty one percent which what it means nothing to you but it is better than any other road car and what that means is it's better converting fuel into forward motion rather than just wasting it as heat toyota has fitted an extra layer of particular sound insulating material throughout the entire car to keep it nice and quiet inside and so that don't hear annoying noises too much from the outside there's only one version of the Camry available in the UK

It's the hybrid which has a 2.5-liter petrol engine mated to an electric motor for a combined 218 horsepower which is suitable for not 60 in a 2.3 seconds which isn't terrible the excellent news is if you fit this car with a 17-inch wheels it will emit less than 100 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide making it very tax-efficient when our this tighter Camry is lovely to drive in town. Hence, the suspension is super soft over potholes and speed humps. You can actually drive it around on electric power alone for quite some time if you want to yeah there's even an Eevee mode that locks it, but if you put your foot down or try to accelerate the petrol engine enthusiastically soon kicks in. You didn't hear it a little bit, but it's quite a smooth transition that's not so soft though the brake, so you took them when it's like they're a little bit jerky the steering is excellent, and light and the turning circle is okay.

 It's not the best in the world. Still, it's not bad you will be able to get around to mini-roundabouts and do u-turns if you need to the automatic gearbox really helps in town as well especially when you're doing the new business stuff it's actually quite smooth at low speeds, for instance, I'm going to park the car now. It's just so much simpler let's have to mess around with a college and Kier selector so there we go look just dead easy to actually park into space because you've got excellent all-round visibility the dash is quite low the pillars aren't too fat so you can see exactly what's going on and the camera helps out as well. Hence, I like it for that all done and dusted the only problem is is that I wish that wing mirror would decrease slightly so you could see where you are about the Kurt, so you don't scratch your alloys anyway that's inner for that let's go drive it.

 Somewhere else the camera is a pretty good car for long-distance journeys because on the motorway it's reasonably quiet well it is until you put your foot down then hear that droning noise for the engine because the way the CVT gearbox the revs at a constant rate however the acceleration is pretty decent out was 50 to 70 and it's pretty quick to do that the only problem is that will affect the economy so don't do too often because this is an economical car so I'm averaging 51 miles per gallon which is really really good makes it a great alternative to a diesel if you don't want a diesel car where this car does start to fall down though is on a twisty road because it's a bit like making an old man run through an obstacle course it's just not great I have a sports mode and when you press it doesn't seem to do anything besides make a little red strip appear down there on the digital display yeah also you can change gears yourself and there's like six different gears to choose from but it doesn't feel like a standard gearbox because it's just like an artificial system created by that CVT system you don't bother with that your best just chilling out and taking it easy because if you want your big family car to actually be right on a twisty road you probably want something like a master six and if you click on the pop-up I'm not there you can see my full identity a review of that car.

It's reliable you should go ahead and buy it but if you don't really, and you just want a car that's a critical and practical use for. Decent to drive, you should probably only consider it because what it is right there are plenty of other alternatives which are better value for money. Do you agree with my verdict? Let me know in the comments section.

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