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Students Motivation 

We find it a little difficult to motivate ourselves. When a delay is added to this, the unmotivation of the procrastination duo disrupts us. We see this in the syndrome of remembering the unnecessary things that students experience alone during their studies. For this reason, the students who have difficulties in providing internal motivation have lesson studies in the form of double-triple groups.


Intrinsic motivation refers to the behavior guided by internal rewards. In other words, the motivation to act is born from the individual because this is naturally satisfying for you.

Think for a moment about your motivation to read this article. If you are reading because you are interested in psychology and just want to learn more about motivation, then you act based on intrinsic motivation. However, if you are reading this because if you need to gain information for a class and avoid getting a bad grade, you're acting according to external motivation.

I don't know about you, but I hate last-minute stress. Although we know theoretically how to break things down into small pieces, we don't often do that. We offer students five ways to motivate themselves to work, so you can analyze this issue.


The Pomodoro technique is a productivity model to get you started studying. It helps to overcome your inner resistance to the things you have to do. The method itself involves dividing your time of study into pieces, working for a certain period, and resting after it.

What is Pomodoro?

The technique found by Francesco Cirillo is a working technique consisting of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of breaks. In the method, 30 minutes consisting of 25 minutes of work and a 5-minute break is called a Pomodoro.


Long working hours are quite suitable for division by external factors. In the Pomodoro technique, where external factors are neutralized, you will be completely focused during your 25-minute working time.

What You Need to Know About the Technique

In the technique, which places great emphasis on focusing, nothing should be considered except for the subject studied during the 25 minute study period. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to think about the issue you are working on during 5-minute breaks.

The formula is this: Work with the department + Work according to the duration (25 minutes) + Rest (5 minutes)

The optimal study schedule is as follows: 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest.

It is a good idea to use a timer (alarm clock) to help you keep track of time blocks. During the 25-minute workout, you just need to focus on one job and do your best to complete it during this time. It is not a good idea to do a lot of work at the same time.

A sound effect that the Pomodoro technique will give you is also concentration. This technique can help you improve your attention span over the long term in terms of consistency. This allows you to work longer and motivate you to do this. Over time, you will understand the importance of the 25-minute flight. If you come to this point, you will not need to take time.


Sometimes you need to motivate your mind and yourself to successfully complete the study. One of the simplest ways to do this is to reward yourself. The aim is to create long-term good habits. By paying yourself when you finish working, you help the brain relate this behavior to good things. Thus, over time, you make the work feel a burden and make it fun.

Depending on the type of personality, you can reward yourself in different ways. There may be pure rewards, such as a piece of dessert or a walk. Be careful to pay yourself more or less. It's easy to say!

Make sure that the reward you give yourself matches the effort you put. During the entire period, hard work and then a small reward would not be just.


I'm not saying your friends are wrong. We do not mean that you have friends as factors that make your education life sink; however, the circle of friends can play a significant role. If your friends are people who want to play and have fun all the time, it becomes impossible to motivate you to study.

You must make sure that you surround yourself with people who love to work and will push you to do the same. Learn the art of making great friends at school or university.

You can also learn new things from the right people around you. They can provide you with motivation and tips on how to increase your educational efficiency. Even if these friends act as an accountability group for you, it will benefit you.


Many people see this as a guarantee of students' success. The condition of your study room can significantly affect your productivity and motivation to work. If your work area is scattered and, more importantly, full of distractions, it will be challenging to do your work.

As a student, you need to look at your desk. Is it complicated? A complicated and dirty office can cause you to delay work due to your effort to clean it. A new sloth that leads to more laziness is it useful?

Think and see the distractions around you. What bothers you the most? How can many young people focus and study in a room with internet and social media, in a place with a mobile phone?

In this case, use the "do not disturb" feature or "screen time" feature on your phone. These features turn off notifications on your phone for a specified period. This can help limit your distraction during your specified work time.


The course-work-motivation

Could it be that simple? Yes, it's that simple. If necessary, change your environment to motivate yourself to work. Your current study area may have many distracting elements that can hinder your progress in your studies. Your brain may also need a scene change. Our minds can sometimes work better in funny ways.

We recommend that you take your notes and books and go to a nearby library or to another quiet environment where you can work. Your intention that you set for yourself when going to your new destination can play a role in motivating you to work.

You already tell your brain that you are going to study. So your mind has already established a connection to complete the job at hand. Thanks to this same logic, some people find themselves more productive than they are at school and at home.


We are all human, and we are different what works for someone else may not work for you. You need to test each of these methods and find out which one is best for you. By trying, it is possible to find your motivation to work. Try different ideas until you find the best one. After all, as a student, just learn and learn more, there is more to grow more individually.

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